Harness the Force that Drives Change

Who we are

Monogram is a boutique delivery orientated Financial Services consulting firm with advisory and delivering capabilities. We support and consult to some of the largest
banking and financial institutions in Africa. We work closely with them to; implement systems, develop and rollout products, effectively deliver projects, programmes,
and transformation initiatives, and ensure that they remain relevant.

At Monogram, our mission is to provide exceptional Human Capital to support our client’s change and transformation ambitions. Our people have the expertise and
experience to provide clients with insightful, tailored strategies that are designed to provide value that is clear with tangible outcomes and planning for efficient execution.

One of our core competencies is that we provide an objective perspective that business leaders can trust and the kind of ingenuity that comes from looking at a problem
with fresh eyes. We advise on decision-making when it comes to important challenges and critical issues. By challenging client decisions, we help ensure that our clients
realise strategic initiatives, nurture credible diversity of thought and analyse multiple scenarios.

What We Bring to the Table


Monogram is focused on the delivery of strategic and business-critical change and transformation initiatives. We deploy proficient consultants who are trained in effectively delivering engagements using proven methodologies and frameworks.


At Monogram, we pride ourselves in providing solid, seasoned and success driven professionals with vast industry experience to build capacity and increase capability in your projects and business.


Companies are able to leverage their data to improve decision making and are also able to provide data insights to their clients. We provide a cloud-based platform that can ingest, normalise and visualise operational and strategic insights.

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